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140% After 1 day
Min/Max: 10 / No Limit
Referral: 5%
Withdrawal: Manual
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Users Rating:
Our Investment: $100.00
Payout Ratio: 33%
Last Payout: Mar 16th, 2023
Added: Nov 30th, 2020
Monitored: 850 days
Lifetime: 850 days
Devandas Investment seeks to generate consistent, reliable income in varying market conditions. We do this by searching the bond markets for securities that offer the most compelling value proposition while at all times focusing on downside protection. Our trusts have flexible mandates, allowing the portfolio managers access to a large universe of securities.
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Very Good [email protected]
Mar 29th, 2023 15:32:48
2023-03-29 12:33:48 963 USDT aff4a9d44944a6284a85c0a4606c5251aa2ed7dbfd6a510c7d583654d0214437
Very Good [email protected]
Mar 28th, 2023 12:17:55
Great site, I will say that for them any time any day. i got paid very fast.
Very Good [email protected]
Mar 28th, 2023 11:35:46
Ethereum address is funded again today, thanks so much to the admin $86.57 ERC-20 0xbca305ae9310fbc7ef8a5494432ce67d7563d0fe88281b4f0b98116f069c4a30
Very Good [email protected]
Mar 24th, 2023 20:01:15
Successful withdrawal $2,409 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account. Transaction batch is c5764e8fd1b2c6a6a5f44b869d882afd920deaf4aea59d34dc06823fc47f9157
Good [email protected]
Mar 17th, 2023 05:04:24
The best on the internet now, keep up the good work.
Good [email protected]
Mar 13th, 2023 12:05:58
Bitcoin payment successful, It is my first payment on this project $1036.38 Payment hash: 3d56e301a252bc4903ffca30b3068ae9936b1ea28210c16e5256a258faba982b
Good [email protected]
Mar 9th, 2023 20:20:00
Prompt payment is all we request, I am happy to invest here.
Good [email protected]
Mar 8th, 2023 17:40:37
very fast and accurate!!!
Good [email protected]
Mar 8th, 2023 00:17:09
Successful withdrawal $449.92 has been successfully sent to your Bitcoin account 1D2Ab5i7raa2jNTuaN9R4dhANpRLy9D1hQ. Transaction batch is 57e148b67fc1687f06edbe3e401806f02697ec66c00c270e6b82551e18342845
Very Good [email protected]
Mar 3rd, 2023 02:37:30
The best site today, thanks.
Very Good [email protected]
Mar 3rd, 2023 02:15:27
Continue your good work, we are with you.
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 27th, 2023 14:19:55
I was paid 15 minute after payment request via bitcoin 32cf9532245cf7d653f2d1928f21c72cb4a0a3e00421e63df07ff621903661ce $$424.06 This is a nice project
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 24th, 2023 02:44:05
I was paid once again and reinvested my profit again today. Thanks everyone at the company.
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 21st, 2023 01:08:28
We appreciate fast payment, please keep it up.
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 19th, 2023 01:02:57
Richard told me I will get paid, and volla!!! first payment came in today!!!
Good [email protected]
Feb 17th, 2023 04:34:02
I receive $74.59 Ether USDT paid to me again today. tx: 0x4ec8748fe75745d04689ff360683d8eef72ccc036b33277e1af4bad133765856
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 15th, 2023 04:33:23
$492.86 has been successfully sent to your BITCOIN account bc1qusefkmr8kpf46lzr7gaawy7nvjn4ys0ue5x5s8. Transaction hash is f8b96c69b751eb9306e53b0adca3f37a82749c3d6aa86e92176da7e1d6ced53e
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 15th, 2023 04:15:43
Withdraw to metta44agi from llr Investment Make your crypto work for you! Thanks admin!
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 15th, 2023 02:54:18
Withdraw Request Processed Successfully 16.77 LTC with litecoin transaction hash f16153049146de894ea2074349688c87b5d08e6c9152bfaa1e330c901f03f8c2
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 15th, 2023 02:22:54
Bitcoin Tx: e10b7d5a0585771f0c09707d0ba97e84ce9651836c6dde0240778d17343ef474 Date of transaction: 14 Feb 2023 11:33:45 Amount: 241.61 USD Note: devandas payment.
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 7th, 2023 23:37:02
Everyday I received your payment in my wallet after withdrawal,thanks admin.
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 7th, 2023 23:14:01
Amount: 749.86 USD paid to my Dash wallet. Address: XxKSFpuJ7bu5bf3nLzoDmKTBDDXpPSZLVT TX-ID: f27cd777f0d1d3ce3156c476def247669decf74199ef2c180b618732e43890e3
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 2nd, 2023 16:16:33
Another Ethereum payment today!!! We are so greatful to locate this paying project at last. Amount: 0.036055 ETH with transaction id: 0x62f0152332f8dee06de7be175942a201d200728254d15a70375fed2d746b8fa5
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 2nd, 2023 15:46:21
Successful withdrawal 200 TRX has been successfully sent to your TRON account TF23VbLF829hXGwnm1gsYmm9aHG39BzLZv. Transaction batch is 609401afa0059911921beeb75e90e432ece3d6604c598691756e7bff6a0df597
Very Good [email protected]
Feb 2nd, 2023 15:12:01
$1,821 has been successfully sent to your Tether TRC20 account. Transaction batch: 77a1aa5cd30211e19f32d3858af1fdc1e6271cae29b0f3fee44aca6f88140522

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